Love Square is a new type of city garden. It’s a real nature and eco-park that will have huge environmental benefits. But first and foremost it’s about people. Transforming an area so that people want to come to it and stay in it. Making a beautiful and exciting place for local people and communities, but also for the whole of Sheffield.

For people to want to come to Love Square again and again, it has to look good, and it has to look good all year-round. Love Square is going to be colourful and energetic. Not just from all the flowers that will fill the whole garden, but from the materials and structures that we are using to make Love Square.

The main building blocks of Love Square are the ‘Grow Wild Planters’. These are circular raised planters of many different widths and heights, all of them brightly coloured. Together they will all make a work of art in themselves. Using the Grow Wild planters gives us many benefits:

  • They can be filled with several different types of soil – wet and dry, acid or alkaline, heavy or light. This means we can grow the greatest possible range of different wildflowers, even in this small site.
  • Different people, community groups, colleges, or businesses, can take on individual planters, and help look after them, and decide what plants go into them
  • Love Square is a sloping site. The Grow Wild planters will be used to make retaining walls
  • Many of the planters will have ledges and seating benches around them, as well as or instead of being filled with plants.
  • We can grow some edible plants and herbs in the planters.

Colour is so important! We want to make an uplifting, joyful and positive place: a place that will make people feel good when they are there. Love Square is all about turning Grey to Green. But we need to go beyond that: Green is not enough! Love Square will bring colour and beauty into the everyday world of the city.

So, Love Square is a real nature and eco-park that will have huge environmental benefits. But it is a new type of ‘smart’ city nature garden: strongly designed, forward-looking, modern, and colourful. We’re mixing art and nature. We want to make it so exciting that every city is going to want a Love Square!

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The Grow Wild Planters will fill Love Square with colour

Some of our sketches for how the Grow Wild Planters will look and work. Thanks to Joanna Yan

The Grow Wild Planters will be used as walls on the sloping site.

The planters are many different sizes. Some will be large enough for trees.