Love Square is just the beginning of the story.  If we win the public vote then we will also create two Grow Wild Hotspots – one at each end of the Grey to Green corridor, signposting the way to Love Square.

The big hotspot is at the very gateway to Sheffield: the Park Square/Ponds Forge Roundabout.  This is right next to Sheffield Station, opposite the city’s main bus station, and at the end of The Parkway – the main route into Sheffield from the M1, and the city’s trams pass through it.  Most traffic and people coming in and out of Sheffield pass by this roundabout.

If we win, we will turn what is now monotonous swathes of short mown grass into the most vibrant and beautiful wildflower meadow, using all of Nigel Dunnett’s experience with Pictorial Meadows, which were created specifically to give fail-safe colourful displays that flower for months and months and months.  Of course, it isn’t just about the spectacular visual displays.  Creating large areas of flowers provides a fantastic resource for our pollinating insects and other invertebrates, and seed for birds in the winter.  But this is also much cheaper than having to keep the grass cut on a regular basis through the summer.

Nigel’s seed mixes have been used widely along highways and verges throughout the country, as well as in private gardens, parks, schools and other landscape schemes.  In the London Olympic Park, the largest ever meadows of wildflowers were created that provided, at the time, the greatest single urban pollinator resource.

Examples of Nigel’s Pictorial Meadows along highways and roundabouts.  Not only creating a visually spectacular display, but also a brilliant resource for pollinators.

The importance of establishing the hotspot at Park Square Roundabout can’t be over-stated.  As the most high-profile and visible roundabout in the whole city, the transformation will have huge impact in terms of changing people’s view of what can be done with all the vast expanses of grass in cities that continue to be mown.  It’s position as the city’s premier gateway means that people travelling from all over the country will get to see it too, further spreading the influence.

The location of the two Grow Wild Hotspots

Ponds Forge/Park Square roundabout as it is now